Adventures in Tomorrowland

tomorrowworld-2014-4-1024cc x682

I want to tell you a story about an epic magical musical little place called tomorrowland.

Now I’m sure that you heard of the annual music festival that happens at different parts of the world to call tomorrow world which is a huge thing and a huge deal to the young people who can afford it and can secure tickets.

The creators of this experience do a very good job of creating some kind of outlandish other type of ¬†futuristic style world full lights cameras flash action dancing noise dj’s ¬†heartbeats beats tension tents and the most brilliant stage displays that command attention.

Not even though here we are more so now with our affiliation to the world of opera, We have to make a very consistent effort do the writings of this blood to be very conscious of the different styles and influences from the diversity that Music has in it’s variety of genres and styles.

However Tomorrow Land is different.

Tomorrowworld is the festival, But however tomorrow land which is the land of the tomorrow’s which is our future is something very different and that We want to consider on a more serious note because it is our future and the things that we do step by step this is my decision today affect what the outcome of our future will appear to be.

So the painting of what tomorrow night looks like it’s something that we paint in stroke by stroke color by color every day and we are here to help you make it beautiful by bringing you the beauty of the arts.