That Thing


That remembering thing that we need.

Closed Hands are Closed Hearts…

But to pause on this solemn note in the works this whole idea and concept onto a more comical note.

What did the four fingers say to the face?


Alright alright alright come on down from your rambunctious laughter and come back down from The rafters and settle back down.

The main idea that we will not propose in this specific blog post in addition to everything else I will be talking about later is that cold heart Is a closed heart in a cold hand is a closed hand.

And similar to how the adage goes for closed mouths don’t get fed close hands also cannot receive by the act of giving.

And if you’ve ever heard the saying that we can only give that which we have, Then you understand the underlying principle that needs to be over student understood in the population of today Science saying culture.

Preaching to the choir!

The Oh So beautiful Choir!

However I’m fully aware that the ideas of talking two of the people were coming all the way to this blog are people who already understand.

He made the decision to come over to this five fingers blog, You already know what to expect expect because you are already familiar with our company and what we stand for As you may have experience on our website in years past.

If there were to be one specific take away from this writing is to be more self less in your actions.