The Stage of Real Life


Sometimes the show comes off the road and in to the streets.

Imagine being a great city where there is many things to do all the cross all the towns and territories, And you come across an event that is sponsored and thrown by a local college student At a small record shop that gets your attention.

This post is inspired by a true story of an event that happened that Was so tailored to the type of environment that we like to communicate about in our blogs here.

Stepping inside of the record shop in just being immersed in the rich musical culture that has been passed down through all of the ages from the old eras of music to up to the current standards of what stands today.

The Show begins.

Now and I mean show I mean a participatory exercise that engages all of the audience to be able to be a part of the musical experience.

After the formalities the particulars in the greetings the tour guide then proceed to update and to Debrief the participants on the nature of exercise that reflects the essence of the culture of hip-hop and will go through many different experiences from which they will draw inspiration from to share in a communal cipher type setting in the park pictures in the graphic above.

These are the times that we love to capture here, when the music comes alive and takes a life of its own outside of the box of what is a normal stage and out into actual real life.