A Sweet Escape


If I could be free..

To experience eternity lost in her work work work work work. It would be like a crashing wave in the oceans that plays the welcoming song that is played all night long.

Like a Caribbean melody that transports you from wherever you are into a sweet escape to a different dimension maybe in the island somewhere maybe on a beach in with your toes in some sand.

Whether you decide that you’re going to capitalize on the opportunity to take nights at the resort or maybe at a hotel or a hostel or a bed and breakfast, Hey even the king of the world couldn’t find it in the morning so had to be born in a manger with the animals and with the donkeys where the wise men came to greet him.

Set up camp in the oasis.

The weird wonderful adventurous feeling of dreams coming true and you having that exceedingly and abundantly type of faith that you are moving forward and your actions are in line with what’s necessary to happen.

And then the beautiful melodies come together to form a harmony because the rhythms of matched tempo for the individuals who come together to operate in accord.

From the fry pan into the fire and if you can’t take the heat and get out of the kitchen because the time is now for the heat to turn up because it’s getting spicy.

And your on your way to your sweet escape.