About The team


The Cool kids in the block.

Yo! I’m Yogi in the center of this awesome, energetic, multi cultural, international team.

This picture was taken after a powerful team meeting where we set our efforts in motion before flight back to Brazil after showcases.

Yes so as one who approaches the art of music and vocal gymnastics, I would obviously have to come from a background that reflects life that is lived With a capacity to learn how to Be a strong team player and a strong team leader which has to be learned by being a strong team servant.

Our main focus is not the only share our passion and appreciation for the art form of music and vocal display but you also inspired you if that is your calling a gift as well.

You know what it means to look like a movie to understand what it says to sound like a song when you really understand the beauty of music that we can look at it through the eyes of life in it’s textures and beauties.

All you say is that we just went to take you to a place where you can travel we want to get on a plane together and go away to a far place maybe where there’s a beach in from the sand and sun.

The time is taking its a movie make sure that you’re doing everything that you need to do to be able to make that reward happen for your hard work and diligence.