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A Sweet Escape

If I could be free..

To experience eternity lost in her work work work work work. It would be like a crashing wave in the oceans that plays the welcoming song that is played all night long.

Like a Caribbean melody that transports you from wherever you are into a sweet escape to a different dimension maybe in the island somewhere maybe on a beach in with your toes in some sand.

Whether you decide that you’re going to capitalize on the opportunity to take nights at the resort or maybe at a hotel or a hostel or a bed and breakfast, Hey even the king of the world couldn’t find it in the morning so had to be born in a manger with the animals and with the donkeys where the wise men came to greet him.

Set up camp in the oasis.

The weird wonderful adventurous feeling of dreams coming true and you having that exceedingly and abundantly type of faith that you are moving forward and your actions are in line with what’s necessary to happen.

And then the beautiful melodies come together to form a harmony because the rhythms of matched tempo for the individuals who come together to operate in accord.

From the fry pan into the fire and if you can’t take the heat and get out of the kitchen because the time is now for the heat to turn up because it’s getting spicy.

And your on your way to your sweet escape.


Adventures in Tomorrowland

tomorrowworld-2014-4-1024cc x682

I want to tell you a story about an epic magical musical little place called tomorrowland.

Now I’m sure that you heard of the annual music festival that happens at different parts of the world to call tomorrow world which is a huge thing and a huge deal to the young people who can afford it and can secure tickets.

The creators of this experience do a very good job of creating some kind of outlandish other type of ¬†futuristic style world full lights cameras flash action dancing noise dj’s ¬†heartbeats beats tension tents and the most brilliant stage displays that command attention.

Not even though here we are more so now with our affiliation to the world of opera, We have to make a very consistent effort do the writings of this blood to be very conscious of the different styles and influences from the diversity that Music has in it’s variety of genres and styles.

However Tomorrow Land is different.

Tomorrowworld is the festival, But however tomorrow land which is the land of the tomorrow’s which is our future is something very different and that We want to consider on a more serious note because it is our future and the things that we do step by step this is my decision today affect what the outcome of our future will appear to be.

So the painting of what tomorrow night looks like it’s something that we paint in stroke by stroke color by color every day and we are here to help you make it beautiful by bringing you the beauty of the arts.

Tryna Catch Me Riding Dirty


So you feel the need to get pumped up right now and feel the motivation to embark upon the journeys ahead?

Here within our company with an organization and within the writing team, we believe in having Fun and playing with words.

To not only be the blog that talks and talks about art and share our appreciation of it’s magnificent and brilliant display on stage, but to actually embody the artistic vibes and internalize them within the structure of our posts and writings.

Therefore I want to segue a clever play on the composers name Hayden and tie it into a popular hip hop song that surfaced in the 2000’s called riding dirty to ultrafast a point about travel and adventure.

Are You Leaving for any tropical and exotic travel lands that you’re excited for and looking¬†forward to?

If you answered in the affirmative to the question above, then you can understand hire exciting that feeling can be before vacation.

Of course granted the fact is going to be surrounded by people you live and can spend valuable time making precious memories together as you paint the town red and are washed away in the love that you’ve built for each other.

Hey you done talking you I want you to do me a favor and getting to yourself a favor by getting a out of your comfort zone and getting uncomfortable and going to faraway land and doing something new for a change, go experience the music of a different land.

And we are here to help you in your diversification process

We’re Rolling Through the Ages


Stop tripping off the power..


Open up the treasure vault of your thoughts in your own mind to the endless possibilities that exist beyond our conditioning and accumulated baggage.

Let it all go and step through the window of time as we roll through the ages and make connections more deeply with our environment.

Ever since we switched the format of our website from its original for a French format then we realized we open up the doors to all the other genres of awesome music internationally.

And one occurring theme that is relative and is consistent among all individuals who are understand they are made in the image of God And especially those who are artist who created the who express themselves creatively understand that there is value in things that supersedes the material aspect.

Rich Life Love Story.

No you think that the historical context that a lot of the operas are created out of if you are familiar with the operatic style of the story lines of music.

A lot of times in a very expensive in the library and beautiful looking stage 4 in the pool hall at Cathedral of the hall of the stadium, Someone would emerge from behind the current weather is the lead actor or someone up from the supporting role but then they would carry a note that if done right would leave a lasting impression on the audience.

We will continue to supply you with updates of the Opera in the music world of cross all genres.